American Bitch in London: Domestic Domination Mistress in East London

My name is Vivian Robinson, American Bitch in London. You may address me as Lady Vivian or Mrs Robinson. I’m a domestic domination mistress in east London. What that means is that the setting in which I administer female domination is a home environment, rather than a bdsm dungeon. I use domestic discipline, including spanking and consequences such as denial, to train my slaves to serve me in the manner I prefer.

I have many years’ exerience as a pro domme, or professional mistress, in London, and have extensive knowledge and understanding of BDSM, fetish, dominance and submission, femdom and slave training. I enjoyed the time I spent immersed in kinky dungeons inflicting hard-core corporal punishment, bondage, and many other aspects of being a London dominatrix. But over the years, my tastes have mellowed and now I find that milder domination suits me better.

I enjoy having an adoring sub or slave serve me in a domestic setting as I carry on with my usual activities, or pampering me as I relax. Whatever the form your service takes, I gain great satisfaction in controlling men and having them do my bidding. Being a domestic domination mistress means that I can allow my femdom nature to flow freely in a natural fashion rather than playing dress-up and engaging in roleplay in a bizarre environment.

Being the slave of a domestic domination mistress is a different experience than serving a dungeon mistress, so be sure to read my entire site, especially the Submission page, so that you are familiar with my terms and requirements.